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I am Suzanne,

a certificated yoga teacher from Prague, currently a full-time van lifer. I am travelling and discovering the beautiful world. 

Yoga has been part of my life since its beginning, thanks to my parents. After finishing my athletic career in rhythmic gymnastics, yoga became my way of life. On the mat I feel at home, no matter where I am, it´s a safe place to grow and discover. Yoga helps to see things as they truly are and let me find balance in daily life. 

I attended a 200h yoga teaching course in India, at the ancient origin of yoga. I teach mostly dynamic  Vinyasa, which flows in the rhythm of our breath. I love arm balances and handstands ! If possible, I practice and teach outdoors, in nature. If not, I like to hold classes in cafes, art galleries and community places, in order to bring yoga to people who may never have tried it before. 

I love to connect yoga, people and nature by organizing retreats and happenings - join me for the very first one Yoga and hike retreat in the Northern Norway.


I will be very happy to share my passion with you and help you to find balance in life through yoga. 



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