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Prague - wellness travel guide

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Places to visit in Prague from a local, for anyone who seeks for spots out of the beaten track.

Jógovna - A boutique yoga studio in the centre of Prague, that conducts yoga classes by expert teachers and offers boutique products from local brands. An oasis in the middle of the city where I can always find peace and return to my yoga practice.

Skautský Institut at the Old town square – A community centre, café, bar, and venue for dozens of events for the general public across all possible sectors - e.g. theatre, music, dance, yoga, language learning, etc. The calendar of thier events is published every month and most of them are for free or donation base.

Metronom at Letná - The Metronome is located on one of the best viewpoints of Prague. That means a sunset with a view of the whole city in golden colours. Besides that, it's also a place for young culture. During the summer season, you can come for an outdoor concert, summer cinema, and performances. All for free, youngs to youngs. or for those who are still young at heart, no matter what age says.

Kinoko – It is a Czech brand of sportswear for women. Created for all female shapes and activities, sewn in the Czech Republic. They put importance on comfort and ethical production, which is done locally in the Czech Republic. Their leggings and sports bras are a must during my daily yoga practice! Their shop and showroom is located in Prague 7, and they also use an e-shop to show their products.

Maitrea - A vegetarian restaurant that aims to lighten your life and stir your heart. It offers a daily menu of healthy vegetarian dishes, even the traditional Czech ones - just a lighter and more ethical version. Besides, the interior of the restaurant is outstanding and right when you enter, you can feel the calmness, peace and spirituality.

Yoga on the Charles Bridge and other yoga events– On the International yoga day - 21/6, there is always something special, a yoga event organised by studio Movement Prague. Once it was a yoga class with classical live music at sunrise on Prague's most famous bridge. A Charles bridge was filled up to the last metre and the yoga atmosphere was almost visible. Another year, they managed to organize a huge yoga practice in the National Gallery. Every time there is something special, so if you are in Prague around the Summer solstice, don't miss it out !

Vnitroblock – The passion of two guys from Prague is to rebuild half-demolished buildings and give them new life. They've already got a cafe (Kavárna co hledá jméno) and a unique gym (Radlická kulturní sportovna) behind them. But this time they decided to do something bigger - revive a whole street. So we can go there for coffee, lunch, to a cinema or theatre, to try a dance class or to shop for local clothes. They often organise cultural events or markets. It's great when a passion grows into something much bigger and improves the lives of those around you.

Stromovka - is currently Prague's largest protected park accessible without restrictions. The park is characterized by, in addition to several very interesting trees, a system of ponds. A pleasant green oasis for hot summer days. It is used for relaxation, walks, various sports and cultural purposes. not rarely do I meet yoga or martial arts practitioners here. It's just good to be outside!

Bio Oko - Bio Oko is a popular community cinema. The cinema is alive all day long - from morning screenings for the elderly to family films, travel lectures, to evening screenings and post-film gatherings. Several times a year they organize their film festivals such as Little Eyes.

But there's more to see than just a classic film. Through live broadcasts and recordings, we can experience the best of opera, ballet, theatre and concerts from around the world. It includes a bar where we can discuss the movie we just saw with a glass of something refreshing.

Swimming pool Podolí - This pool belongs to Prague just as much as the Prague Castle. In the 60s of the last century on the site of a quarry, a prominent Czech architect built a very popular swimming pool and in my opinion the best pool in the Czech Republic to this day. Large outdoor heated pools allow us to swim outside when snowflakes fall, or if we prefer, inside where we can see them through the glass walls. The stadium also includes a steam room, sauna and fitness room.

Garden of Kavárna Čekárna - A hidden and always quiet garden in the centre of Prague under the mystical Vyšehrad castle. A couple of tables, grown trees and fet medieval walls connect with great coffee, desserts and other small snacks. Such a beautiful place for a meeting, to read or work.

Text by Suzanne Borovcova (@pineyoga_),

Photos by Pierre Guilbaud (@pierre_glbd)

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